Jeff Duncan (R nominee, SC-03): My hero...

Hey guys,

Limit government, lower taxes, reduce government spending.  These were three of the key principles of Reaganomics, principles that brought our country over 20 years of economic growth and prosperity. I strongly believe if our government will simply get out of the way and return to those principles, our economy will come rocketing back.

Enough is enough! The American people are sick and tired of the borrowing, the bail outs, the takeovers, the debt and the reckless spending that have been far too common in Washington over the past few years.

I’m running for Congress to return conservatism to Washington.  Please help our effort by watching the one minute video below and forwarding the e-mail on to your friends and family.

God Bless
Jeff Duncan is a small-business owner from Laurens, South Carolina and is the Republican nominee for Congress in the Third Congressional District. Jeff has been endorsed by the NRA, along with numerous conservative groups for his proven record of fighting against wasteful government spending and upholding the Constitution.