Jeff Duncan (R nominee, SC-03) supporters cover district with letters to editor

Hey guys,

Over the last few weeks, individuals from all across the district have been writing positive letters supporting my campaign to be your next Congressman. Below are just a few highlights from the letters published in local newspapers. To read the full letters please visit my website here.

“As a businessman, Jeff has learned to meet a payroll and balance a budget. He understands that there is no free lunch and that America must learn to pay her bills. Jeff has a solid conservative voting record, as evidenced by his endorsement by the Club for Growth. In short, we need Jeff Duncan in Washington.”

Bob A.

“Let’s elect fiscal conservatives who will break the stranglehold and get people working. We can start by electing business owner and state representative Jeff Duncan, named a “taxpayer hero” every year since 2002, to theU.S. Congress.”

Roy B.

“During my 28 years in public service, I met a variety of officials, from presidents to water commissioners. Jeff is as impressive as anyone I had the pleasure to meet. He will bring a work ethic, a moral compass and real-life experience to a job that needs all of these qualities. I cannot wait to cast my ballot for Jeff on Nov. 2.”

Richard S.

“His knowledge, leadership, principles, honor and moral values are exactly what we need to represent us in Washington, DC. We urge everyone to research and talk with him before casting their vote in November — we are confident they will like what they learn!”

Brit and Judy A.

“Jeff Duncan is a man of integrity and will fight for the people of the Third District.”

Tom and Ginny S.