Duncan (Cand, SC3): Fighting Against Negative Attacks

Hey guys,

Over the past 16 months, we have worked hard to run a positive campaign based on the issues. This past week, our campaign, joined by local leaders from across the state, held events all over the district to talk about my ideas and my solutions for the challenges facing the families of South Carolina’s Third Congressional District.

Unfortunately, my opponent, Mr. Cash chose to spend his week attacking my integrity and character, misleading the public on my stance on term limits, my career, and about how we’ve funded our campaign. Mr. Cash has made a decision not to talk about his own ideas on how to improve the lives of the people of the Third District, and has instead decided to attack my character. This is truly unfortunate, and an example of everything that is wrong with politics in Washington.

Our elected officials should be held to a higher standard than throwing mud and misinforming the South Carolina people. My proven conservative record is clear, and is verified by my endorsements from the National Rifle Association, the Club for Growth, Conservatives of America, I-Caucus, and conservative activists across the district – many of which Mr. Cash also competed for and lost.

While I would much rather continue to spend the next several days before the runoff discussing the issues, I think it is important to address the misleading and untrue attacks coming from the Cash campaign once and for all. Hopefully, I can then return to discussing our positive reform message that has been playing on televisions and talked about in living rooms all across the Third District.

  • Mr. Cash has inaccurately accused me of being a career politician on multiple TV ads, in his campaign literature, and at public forums. This is completely false. I am NOT a career politician, but a small business owner. Through hard work and dedication over the last ten years, I have built my real estate and auction business. As a small business owner, I know what it’s like to balance a budget, to make payroll, and to deal the challenges facing small business owners across the country as they deal with the current economic recession. Because of my dedication to serving my state, I also serve part-time in the South Carolina General Assembly. I was recruited by my community to run for the state house, and have served there for eight years– only two years longer than gubernatorial candidate Nikki Haley. I have no interest in being a career politician and have pledged to sign Senator Jim DeMint’s term limit legislation the moment I’m elected to Congress.
  • Mr. Cash has wrongly accused me of taking over $250,000 in special interest funds. This claim is extremely misleading, and is not only an attack on me, but is also an attack on Senator Jim DeMint. Because of my consistent stance supporting fiscal responsibility and traditional family values, I have been recognized as one of the top conservatives in the nation by many conservative organizations, such as the National Rifle Association and Club for Growth. Some of these groups have encouraged their members to donate to our campaign. Under federal election law, when a contribution is solicited from an outside organization, we are required to report the name of the organization that made the solicitation on our behalf – so it shows up on the report as being from that organization. However, every donation from Club for Growth members is a check written directly to our campaign – not, as Mr. Cash so inaccurately stated a donation from a “special interest group.” Additionally, the $250,000 number Mr. Cash references is staggeringly overblown, in that it includes advertising from third party groups, which by law we cannot control or have communication with. In his attack on donations from supporters of these nationally recognized conservative organizations – organizations that have endorsed other conservative leaders across the nation, like Senator Jim DeMint and solicited donations on their behalf as well – Mr. Cash is attacking conservative activists who believe in limited government and fiscal responsibility. My record reflects my consistently conservative stance on both fiscal and social issues – fighting both Democrats and Republicans to do what’s right for the people of South Carolina – and proves without a doubt that I’m not beholden to any group, except for the people of the Third District.
  • Mr. Cash has claimed in his TV ads and mail pieces that I don’t support term limits. Again, this is simply not true. I have said publicly, including at several recorded debates that I support and will sign on to Jim DeMint’s term limit bill that would term limit all elected officials. Sen. DeMint’s bill would limit a Congressman to three terms, and limit a Senator to two. Additionally, I term limited myself as a state legislator.

I appreciate the opportunity to clear up this false accusations, and I would appreciate your support in forwarding this message along to your friends and neighbors. Below is a link to an important video that will help voters get an understanding of where I come from, and what I plan to fight for in Washington. While these accusations are negative, I believe the message we are sending to Washington is a positive one. With your help, we’ll reform Washington by putting an end to the policies that are mortgaging away our children’s future!

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God Bless,

Jeff Duncan