Secure our Borders, Enforce our Laws Tour Recap

Hey guys,
“Wow.”  That’s all I can say to describe yesterday’s “Secure our Borders, Enforce our Laws” tour of the upper part of the Third District.  We had stops in Seneca, Liberty, Greenwood, Clinton, and held a rally in Anderson.  We called into several radio stations, and did an in station interview.  But most importantly, we listened to the concerns of the voters of South Carolina.
The people made their voices load and clear yesterday, and they asked for just a few simple things from their government.
  1. Secure our borders
  2. Enforce our immigration laws
  3. No amnesty. Period
I plan to fight for these ideals if I’m elected to Congress, and I am proud to be endorsed by Jim Gilchrist, the founder of the Minuteman Project.
In more disappointing news, the second leg of our “Secure our Borders, Enforce our Laws” tour was set to begin today (Tuesday, May 25th) at the Stoplight Deli in Aiken. Unfortunately, conflicts with Mr. Gilchrist’s schedule have forced us to change our plans, but we are planning on holding a meeting in Aiken to discuss this topic soon.
Again, thanks so much for all your support of our campaign.  We’re two weeks out from the primary, so we need all the help we can get if we are going to be successful to carrying our consistent conservative message forward!!!