Independence Caucus Endorses Jeff Duncan

Hey folks,

I was proud to have earned the endorsement of the Independence Caucus this week. The Independence Caucus was started by volunteers working to elect Jason Chaffetz to Congress in 2008. Tired of the unsustainable spending and growth in Washington, iCaucus fights to elect candidates who will faithfully represent and actively listen to their constituents.  Below is an excerpt from the official endorsement.

The Independence Caucus carefully chooses candidates based on an extensive vetting process, and after running the gambit, Jeff Duncan, can now count himself as one of Independence Caucus’ family.

Jeff plans to continue his crusade against big government and higher taxes in Washington, and believes that South Carolinians have a right to be upset over the irresponsible growth they have seen in recent years.  His support for businesses and job creation has earned him the “Guardian of Small Business Award” from the National Federation of Independent Businesses, and Jeff hopes to bring his pro-jobs record to Washington.  Achieving energy independence should be a top national security and economic priority for the United States, and South Carolina’s third congressional district is poised to help lead the way.  Jeff looks forward to stirring up Washington with the same enthusiasm for fiscal responsibility as the tens of thousands of South Carolinians have showed recently during the Tea Party Movement. He will ensure that America honors its commitment to our veterans, and that our combat and support troops have the proper tools and equipment to accomplish their objectives and return safely. Illegal immigration is a major problem in this country and a direct threat to our national security. Jeff has been a strong advocate in the State House for strengthening and enforcing immigration laws and will continue his fight in Washington. Jeff is opposed to any form of amnesty.

“We here at the Independence Caucus are proud to announce our endorsement of this great and Principled Candidate for Congress in the State of South Carolina, Jeff Duncan.

Rep. Jeff Duncan is Chairman of the South Carolina House Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Environmental Affairs Committee. He is a life-time member of the NRA, and is one of eleven candidates in the nation, along with Sen. Jim DeMint to be endorsed by the Club for Growth. He is currently running for United States Congress in South Carolina’s Third Congressional District. www.JeffDuncan.com.