Duncan: Healthcare Bill Unconstitutional

Last night, my family joined millions of Americans in watching the health care debate unfold on the floor of the United States House of Representatives. I hoped and prayed that Congress would listen to the will of the American people and start over with a new health care bill.

As I watched the health care debate, it was my hope that Congress would have considered legislation that would lower costs and improve access by offering free market solutions. I hoped Congress would have remembered the Constitution of the United States and realized they were leading our nation away from our founding principles

Instead, we witnessed a 2,700 page bill rammed through Congress by using a mixture of backroom bribes and procedural tricks. Instead of passing a transparent bill that would help rejuvenate our economy, thousands of small business owners are left wondering if this health care bill will be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

With the passage of this flawed health care bill we witnessed free market ideals substituted for more government bureaucracy. The federal government will be hiring approximately 16,000 new IRS agents just to enforce the new tax element of this legislation. In addition, this bill will make major cuts to Medicaid and Medicare and ask private citizens and doctors to pick up the tab. Ultimately, I believe this health care legislation is too expensive and is clearly unconstitutional.

While Republicans may have lost the vote today, conservatives and common sense independents around the nation will continue to fight until this legislation is entirely repealed.

That was why I was the first candidate running for any office in the state of South Carolina to sign the “Repeal It” pledge, and if elected I will take the house floor every day and demand the repeal of this legislative monstrosity.

Conservatives may have lost this battle, but I am running for United States Congress to make sure we win the war over the soul and direction of our nation.

While on the campaign trail, I have heard from many of you about how we need to stop the President Obama’s and Speaker Pelosi’s spending spree and complete disregard for the Constitution. You can make a difference. You can write your Congressman and Senators, write letters to your newspaper editor, and support candidates like myself who will make it a first priority to fight for the principles our founding fathers put forth. Please visit my website at www.JeffDuncan.com and while you’re there I hope you will consider making a contribution to my campaign so I may have the resources to fight against Nancy Pelosi and others who have no regard for the will of the American people.