The Conservative Comeback

It’s morning in America again!  Senator-Elect Scott Brown ran on a platform of turning “Ted Kennedy’s seat” back into “the people’s seat.”  He ran a campaign of stopping the bribe-filled government take over of health care.  He ran to put an end to the Senate Democrat’s abusive super-majority in Washington.

Current Congressman & fellow conservative champion Mike Pence summed up tonight perfectly when he stated:

“While Scott Brown deserves sincere congratulations on his election to the United States Senate, this election is about more than the success of one man. The American people have spoken. As they did in recent elections in Virginia and New Jersey, the American people are telling Washington, DC enough is enough. In this special election in Massachusetts they have sent a deafening message to the political class”

Senator-Elect Brown’s victory should give conservatives everywhere hope.  Hope knowing that we’re not alone in believing that government is NOT the solution to all our country’s problems, and that there’s no lack of apprecation for commonsense solutions (even in Massachusetts).  While Scott Brown’s victory will send shock-waves through the political establishment in all 50 states, conservatives must stay focused on the battle in front of us. 

That is why I was the first candidate from South Carolina to sign the “Repeal It” pledge to fight any form of socialized health care. 

That is why I was the first to write the South Carolina Delegation and urge them to vote for the Government Ownership Exit Plan Act, to stop the government from controlling private businesses. 

And that is why I attended the Pro-Life rally and march this past weekend in Columbia, to stand up for the rights of the unborn.

The battle over the direction of our nation has just begun, and I hope to help lead that fight on behalf of the people of South Carolina.

Rep. Jeff Duncan is Chairman of the South Carolina House Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Environmental Affairs Committee. He is a life-time member of the NRA, and holds an A+ rating from the South Carolina Club for Growth. He is currently running for United States Congress in South Carolina’s Third Congressional District. www.JeffDuncan.com