I Believe in Fiscal Responsibility

So far, in our “I Believe” series we have discussed the topics of Healthcare, Family, and Veterans.  When you look at all the problems currently facing our country, one of the most dangerous concerns is excessive, irresponsible, and wasteful government spending and growth.

As it stands today, our country’s national debt will double over the next ten years, and inflation will cause the value of the dollar to decline.  Our debt problem will result in decreased American sovereignty due to our reliance on the Chinese and Saudis, and our country will feel more pressure to submit to international treaties that weaken the national security interests of the United States.

Unfortunately, both Republicans and Democrats in Washington created the problems we are currently facing as a nation.  Career politicians forgot what it was like to balance a budget for a family or a business and mortgaged away our children and grandchildren’s future.  While some misguided Republicans lost their way when they were in control, the problem has never been as bad as it is today.  So far, the Obama/Pelosi team has spent more money in their first year than the Bush Administration spent on Iraq, Afghanistan, and Hurricane Katrina during their eight years in power.  Additionally, President Obama has had more White House parties in his first year than George W. Bush’s Administration, and last four years of Bill Clinton’s Administration combined, and during the greatest economic downturn since the great depression!!!

Enough is enough, and that is why I’m devoting this week’s “I Believe” series to fiscal responsibility.

I Believe in fiscal responsibility

I believe that our country functions best when it lets its citizens keep their hard-earned money

I believe a fair chance to succeed is better than the guaranteed security of a government handout

I believe the government should be run like a good business, living within its means

I believe that when the government wastes money, they are stealing from the American people

I believe the recent government “stimulus” did very little to stimulate the economy, but did a lot to grow the size of government

I believe in reexamining what the core functions of government are, and making cuts in areas that are not supported by the Constitution

I believe using taxpayer dollars to bailout businesses is wrong and goes against the principles upon which our country was founded

I believe in practicing what you preach, which is why I have been consistently named a “Tax Payer” hero, for fighting wasteful spending in Columbia

I believe the government should follow the same rules as everyone else, and that is part of the reason why I am running for United States Congress.

What do you believe? What are your concerns? E-mail me at  [email protected] with the issues you would like me to address in our “I Believe” series.

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Rep. Jeff Duncan is Chairman of the South Carolina House Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Environmental Affairs Committee. He is a life-time member of the NRA, and holds an A+ rating from the South Carolina Club for Growth. He is currently running for United States Congress in South Carolina’s Third Congressional District. www.JeffDuncan.com