Democrat doesn't apologize for comments about Mexicans

Cross-posted from The Quinton Report.

I was the first outlet to report on remarks by Maryland Delegate Curt Anderson at a legislative breakfast in Baltimore City Saturday:

I was amazed at how many Mexicans they have working on that school.Should be more African-American and minority contractors but still.

After my initial report, The Daily Record and WMAR both reported on the remarks and credited or linked to this site. Center Maryland and Maryland Reporter also later reported on the remarks, without giving credit or links here, so I’m not linking back to them either. Initially, Anderson was not available for comment.

He later commented after the WMAR story aired:

ABC2 contacted Delegate Anderson for a response.  Reached by phone Monday evening, Anderson said he was trying to point out the lack of African-American workers being used on that particular job, saying they were outnumbered and that the unemployment rate for African-Americans in Baltimore is high.  Anderson says he wants to see more African-American contractors used in the city.

The lawmaker’s comment followed statements he made about the need to “make sure Baltimore stays strong,” something he said involves making sure everybody has the same opportunities.

The next day, The Daily Record had a more in-depth response from Anderson:

Del. Curt Anderson Tuesday said he erred when he spoke about the race of workers at a Baltimore City school.

“It was a poor choice of words. Let’s just leave it at that,” Anderson said in response to comments he made three days earlier during a League of Women Voters legislative breakfast.


Anderson, speaking on Tuesday, said the comments were born out of frustration over what he said were unrealized expectations about who would receive contracts to build the new schools.

‘I always hoped that when we passed money to build new schools in that city that it would make it to African-American and other minority business enterprises,” Anderson said. “It was not a slur against Mexicans but more my frustration that they didn’t hire African-Americans for the job.”

It was allegedly not a slur against Mexicans just because he said it wasn’t. However, he didn’t apologize for it even while saying it was bad judgement. I still wonder what caused him to make the leap of knowledge that everyone on the work crew was Mexican and not from some other country.

Had a Republican made these remarks there would be condemnations coming from all over from Democrats. Does Anthony Brown, who Anderson endorsed, condemn these remarks? Is this a double standard?