13K illegals apply for Maryland driver's licenses

Cross-posted from The Quinton Report.


The MVA says it has scheduled 13-thousand appointments between now and early February for those illegal immigrants seeking to get a Maryland driver’s license.

The appointment scheduling started last November but the first appointments didn’t happen until January 2nd.

Buel Young with the MVA tells WBAL Radio there were 790 or so appointments on the first day and then about 770 last Friday. He says they can handle about 800 appointments daily across the state.

The busiest area for the scheduled appointments is at the offices in the D.C. Metro area at locations in Beltsville, Largo and Gaithersburg.

Young says the MVA hired 65 new employees to handle the expected demand of applicants.

Second tier licenses are available for illegal immigrants only after they present a handful of documentation including tax ID numbers, letters from the State Comptroller and other information saying they filed Maryland income taxes the last two years. The applicants must also have two Maryland residency documents.

The applicants also must pass the road test and written test and go through the learner’s permit process as well. Is this really any surprise? Will there be illegals from other states attempting to fraudulently get this Maryland license now? What other issues are at hand?