New book goes inside Roe v. Wade decision


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As I tweeted Friday:

Here’s an excerpt written by Forsythe via the Weekly Standard piece:

The United States is an outlier when it comes to the scope of the abortion “right.” The United States is one of approximately ten nations (of 195) that allow abortion after fourteen weeks of gestation. The others are: Canada, China, Great Britain, North Korea, the Netherlands, Singapore, Sweden, Western Australia, and Vietnam. When it comes to allowing abortion for any reason after viability, however, the United States is joined only by Canada, North Korea, and China. The United States got into this situation because after the second round of arguments in Roe and Doe, the Justices abruptly decided to expand the abortion right they were creating to fetal viability—and then beyond. For forty years, this abrupt decision has had profound implications for late-term abortions, live-birth abortions, and women’s health.

I consider having the opportunity to work with Clarke one of the highlights of my three-plus years working at Americans United for Life. Clarke has been there over twenty years and his knowledge of the law, the pro-life movement, and his ability to interact with lawyers, donors, and anyone else interested in the cause is unparalleled. It’s good to see that his book is finally out and that one of the pre-eminent lawyers in the pro-life movement is getting the full attention he deserves. I hope Clarke and the lawyers at AUL continue to get the attention they deserve.