Dan Bongino Running for Congress in 2014?

Dan Bongino has been on all of the lists of potential Republican candidates for Governor in Maryland almost since the time his unsuccessful Senate campaign ended last year.

However, I’ve heard recently from multiple sources that Bongino will not be running for Governor next year. Instead, he will announce in mid-June that he’s running for Congress in Maryland’s Sixth District. That seat is currently held by Democrat John Delaney, who was elected after the seat was gerrymandered to make it more friendly to Democrats. The seat includes all of Western Maryland and was previously held by Roscoe Bartlett.

Other potential Republican candidates for Governor remaining include David Craig, Ron George, Larry Hogan, Charles Lollar, and Michael Steele. Democrats running include Anthony Brown, Doug Gansler, and Ken Ulman.

Cross-posted from The Quinton Report.

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