Dan Bongino is really scaring some people

Former U.S. Senate candidate in Maryland Dan Bongino made the post below on his Facebook page this morning. It shows how much he has really shaken things up in Maryland – whether the perpetrators are Republicans or Democrats. His honest talk about the situation across Maryland and the United States might be why. He has also spoken the brutal truth about the situation inside the Maryland Republican Party.

From Dan Bongino’s Facebook page

To the cowards who sent a false press release to some members of the media this morning and interrupted my precious time with my daughter during parent’s day at school. And to the cowards who put nails in my wife’s tires while she was pregnant with my daughter Amelia. And to the cowards who put nails in the tires of my campaign staff at the GOP convention. And to the cowards who have thrown things at my home late at night waking my now one year old daughter. And to the cowards who have put eggs in our mailbox. And to the cowards who have left vitriolic messages on my home’s answering machine and sent hate mail to my home:
You have only strengthened my resolve to fight here & fight now. We will never be intimidated, we will never walk away, we will never be silenced, & we will never stop fighting against the power-brokers of both political parties who believe that a political title is the hallmark of dignity. It is not, dignity & honor are earned by standing for what is right & just, not what is easy & popular.

More details on the fake press release from CapitalGazette.com:

Bongino’s remarks came after a press release was emailed to reporters announcing a run for governor with activist and frequent candidate Alan Keyes as his running mate.

Bongino said the press release was a fake and perhaps was the result of infighting within the Republican Party.

Bongino said he would investigate the fake press release and said he was not aware of it until notified by The Capital.

Maryland Republican Party officials did not return a call for comment Monday morning.

The release itself is here.

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