The Kansas US Senate Race and Jerry Moran

1. Jerry Moran chose to run as a conservative, even though he has voted as a moderate
2. Jerry Moran has used his huge war chest for attack ads based on bogus accusations
3. Jerry Moran has threatened Tiahrt endorsers
4. Jerry Moran is an opportunist, who would be a Lindsay Graham Senator

Paul Moore, former campaign manager for Jerry Moran, served the Republican Party well this week by exposing Jerry Moran’s cynical ploy to fake his conservative credentials (http://bit.ly/9l27vf). This was Moran’s initial foray into fabrications cut from whole cloth. But the deception continued.

Moran floated the fictitious claim that Todd Tiahrt does not live in Kansas. If Moran cared about the truth he could have easily verified that Tiahrt lives in the same house he has for decades. But Moran’s living arrangements are scandalous. Moran lives on C-Street with Doug Coe’s “Family” by paying a below market rate of $950 a month. This violates the principle that a Congressman should not receive unmerited perks just because he is in Congress. So Moran lies about where Tiahrt lives, but Moran himself takes advantage of his office to let somebody else pay his way while he is in Washington DC.

Moran himself initiated just such a corrupt quid-pro-quo, when he tried to trade his vote for a campaign fundraiser (http://bit.ly/ajxui4). In Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert’s book Speaker, he recalls Moran promising to vote with him, but then Moran disappeared at vote time.

In the US Senate campaign, Moran has repeatedly used threats to try to intimidate those who oppose him. It began when Moran threatened a couple of young ladies with the Kansas College Republican Association (KCRA). The KCRA had endorsed Tiahrt. Moran’s thuggish behavior continued with threats against the Kansas Rifle Association President Patricia Stoneking, and just this week David Gittrich of Kansans for Life came forward to say Moran threatened him to try to get a rescission of their endorsement.

Perhaps the greatest contrast between Todd Tiahrt and Moran is shown by the difference in the Kelsey Smith Act. Kelsey was abducted from a Mall parking lot and murdered. The police tried to get her cell phone ‘ping’ from Verizon Wireless. It took them three days get the cell phone records to the police. Todd Tiahrt worked with the family to craft a bill to prevent others from needlessly suffering the fate of Kelsey. Jerry Moran ignored the family and used the incident to draft a bill to further Moran’s interests. Moran’s bill does not ensure that phone companies cooperate with law enforcement. This is why Kelsey’s parents, Greg and Missy Smith, endorsed Tiahrt (http://bit.ly/dqbZx8).

Kansas Republicans will choose a nominee next Tuesday. On one hand is the dishonest, self-serving prevaricator Jerry Moran and on the other is the honest conservative, Todd Tiahrt. Tiahrt was endorsed by Erick Erickson (http://bit.ly/cvwW47). For the sake of Kansas and America, let us pray there are enough informed voters to carry the day for Tiahrt.