Support Rush, Oppose Obama, and Send the DNC a (Familiar) Message


Entirely in tune with the “post-partisan” brand of “new politics” Barack Obama (D-IL) has brought with him to Washington, the DNC has launched a new contest: think of the smuggest, most partisan, and crudest ten-words-or-less message to Rush Limbaugh that you can, submit it for to the Democrat Party (along with your ZIP code and email address), and hope to win the grand prize: your message on a DNC-sponsored billboard in the home town of EIB Southern Command: West Palm Beach, FL. (Oh, and you also get a t-shirt with that. JACKPOT!!1!1)

According to ED Jen O’Malley Dillon, the DNC’s rationale for the contest is as follows:

Tell them that Dissent is the HIGHEST FORM of PATRIOTISMRush Limbaugh has made waves lately about his desire to see President Obama fail. And he’s unapologetic, even though Americans voted in November for the very kind of change the President is bringing to Washington. As even Limbaugh must know, if the President fails, America fails.

Take a moment to digest that last sentence (emphasis added): “If the President fails, America fails.”

That’s some off-the-charts irony, even for Liberal Democrats. After all, these same people spent the last eight years shrieking “DISSENT IS THE HIGHEST FORM OF PATRIOTISM!! at the top of their lungs, while rooting for President Bush to fail at every turn and in every policy.

In that spirit, as well as that of the truly patriotic, conservative desire to see America be the best it can be — which necessarily means hoping President Obama’s attempts to the contrary meet their end in miserable failure — we encourage you to support Rush Limbaugh, oppose President Obama’sradical agenda, and send the DNC a message that should be very, very familiar to them after their last eight years of wearing out the same slogan:

“Dissent is the Highest Form
of Patriotism”