Left-Wing Talk Show Host, Desperate for Attention, Says 'Execute Rush for Treason'

I wanted to tell you about what “liberal talk show host” Stephanie Miller said on Larry King the other night, but my ADD got the better of me as I was typing the title to this post, and I started thinking about just what a “left-wing talk show host” actually was, and wondering whether, much like the tree falling in the remote woods, if a liberal goes on talk radio to host a show, and nobody tunes in to hear it — as happens with pretty much every lefty who tries to harness that medium — did it really happen? Just some food for thought on this first Friday in March…

Anyway, back to the story: so-called “liberal talk show host” Stephanie Miller, who may or may not actually be such, because there may or may not be a single American who has actually heard her program, was on Larry King Live Tuesday night, where she called Rush Limbaugh’s dissent against the Obamadministration’s Obamagenda a “treasonous” act.

Miller, like so many other hard-lefties, may be a little dizzy from the hairpin turn she and her colleagues made at breakneck speed from rooting all-out that the President and all his policies fail (and he and his administration be arrested and “frog marched from the White House”) to declaring that any dissent at all from the Presidential line is “treasonous.”

Fortunately, we’re here not only to prevent that prior position from being memory-holed, as so many lefties so desperately want it to be, but also to send their own slogan right back at them:


On Live, Miller went on to grouse about all the attention Rush is getting for his declaration that he wants Obama’s policies to fail because they would be detrimental to the country and its future.

Perhaps Stephanie Miller, like new DNC ED Jen O’Malley Dillon, needs to trade in a few chits for a spot on the morning operativemedia strategy calls with White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel (D-IL; no relation), because she seems to be missing out on the Democratic strategy of the day, which is to give Rush as much attention as possible in an attempt to label the entire GOP apparatus as his followers.

By the way, Miller’s next statement is a better summary of the state of so-called Liberal Talk Radio than I’ve heard in quite some time:

If I could say something tonight that gets me that kind of attention, like maybe Rush Limbaugh should be executed for treason. How about that?

That’s literally what it takes for a lib talker to get any attention whatsoever: go on CNN (because nobody hears your so-called “program”) and say something so outrageous it has to be covered. No wonder the Left is so hot and heavy for the fairness doctrine!

By the way, much like the D.L. Hughley “GOP is literally Nazi Germany!!1!” claim, CNN had no reaction to such an outrageous statement being expressed on its airwaves. Why am I not surprised?