The GOP Should Make the Democrats Own this "Stimulus" and Every Other Failed Policy They Want to Implement

Last I checked, the Democrats held the White House and had nearly 60 votes and over 250 in the House — more than enough to pass and sign this $800B monstrosity of a pork-barrel giveaway they call a “stimulus” (as well as every other pet project they want to put into law). So why don’t they shut up and do it already? Why are they wasting time trying to bring some Republican votes on board (even adopting a GOP amendment to the bill — albeit the one out of 18 total which would have no material effect on the legislation outside of commissioning a post-passage panel to study it)?

From where I sit, the answer to that question is pretty obvious: the Democrats know exactly what a terrible bill this is, and want some GOP votes to give them “bipartisan” cover (and someone else to point the finger of blame at when this behemoth utterly fails to fulfill its supposed purpose of stimulating the economy and creating jobs).

What the GOP should do here is obvious: every single Republican in the House and Senate should vote NO on this bill. Every. Single. One. No making speeches about how bad it is, then voting for it (I’m looking at you, Senator Cornyn). No voting on the side of utter fiscal irresponsibility and economic backwardness for whatever reason (memo to the 40 GOP Reps who supported the awful SCHIP expansion proposal). No excuses whatsoever — just vote no.

Voting against this bill — which recommends sinking more taxpayer-owned cash into legislators’ pet projects than the entire amount of currency in circulation right now* — would send the powerful, two-part message that Republicans want no part of frittering away nearly a trillion more dollars of Americans’ money on handouts and pork-barrel projects, and that, if such wasteful programs are going to pass during this period of Democratic dominance in Washington, they are going to do so without help from the more fiscally-responsible minority.

House Republicans made an effort last week to voice their concerns with this proposal, and to lay out an alternative, more realistically workable stimulus proposal — and the effort was met with a curt “I won” from President Obama.

Republicans need to remember that retort, and need to ensure that neither Obama nor Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid’s Congressional majorities forget that they, too, won. The best way to do this is by eschewing the inexplicable temptation to provide the Democrats with bipartisan cover, and voting in unison against monstrosities like this “stimulus” and SCHIP expansion.

In other words, the only help hte GOP needs to give the Democrats is an assist in ensuring that the majority has sole ownership of every one of the poor policy decisions being made during this period of Democrat dominance on the Hill. Make them prove they have the courage to follow their convictions and pass this on their own.

Let’s tattoo the phrase “I won” on the Democrats’ foreheads. They need to own every single one of their bad policies.

*According to the Federal Reserve, only $800 billion is currently in circulation (thanks to Ernest Istook for the email tip)