Pelosi Promises Pork-Laden Stimulus to Pennsylvania Ave. by Presidents' Day

According to Roll Call:

Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Sunday said everything will take a back seat to fixing the economy during the first 100 days of the Obama administration and that Congress would complete a massive economic recovery package by the Presidents Day recess in mid-February.

(Translation: Everything will take a back seat to ramming $800 billion in new spending through the Congress as quickly as possible.)

Are you curious about what’s in the stimulus bill? We’ve put it online at ReadTheStimulus.org, and have even parsed the 334-page document on this spreadsheet, line by line and page by page, to reveal the hundreds of billions in new spending that this monstrosity authorizes.

Go check it out for yourself — then call your Congressman and Senator, and let them know that things like $1,000,000,000 for new Censuses, $400,000,000 for “habitat restoration and migration activities,” $150,000,000 for “bridge removal,$800,000,000 more for Amtrak, and $200,000,000 for the “leaking underground storage tank trust fund” aren’t what you want your tax dollars spent on, especially in a supposed effort to “stimulate” the economy, which these programs (and so many others in the bill) decidedly will not do.