Moving day

In just a few more days those Senators and Congressmen, who forgot they were in Washington to represent the people’s interest and NOT their own, will be up for re-election. Those same Senators and Congressmen who line their pockets with the money from Special interest groups, who motives are neither special or good, trying to pass laws like ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’, or, Card Checked forced Unionism, which takes away a employees secret ballot and forces them to become members of certain Unions whether they support it or not. This means that states like mine, Alabama, and others will no longer be ‘Right to Work states. This is called Socialism, and it’s coming as fast as they can speed it through while we are distracted by whatever false flag crisis they can dream up. Folks, it’s time for these people to write their memoirs, and return to those same people they failed to represent.

I’ve also been reading and hearing in the media about how I”m a radical, rebel revolutionary who is out to stop the ‘social reformation’ that is taking place in America  today…… If only it were true….. I’m a radical rebel revolutionary who is out to stop the SOCIALIST AGENDA concocted by the ‘moron’ in chief and his little band of SOCIALIST GOONS who are trying to destroy America from within. And if calling them what they are bears a consequence, then I will gladly bear it!!

btw, I’m looking for more RADICAL, REBEL REVOLUTIONARIES…..anyone want to help?