Napolitano toughens her language on terror

Today Homeland Secretary Janet Napolitano ratcheted up her language on terrorists within the borders of the U.S.:

Napolitano cited the case of Najibullah Zazi, the Denver airport shuttle bus driver who was arrested in September after allegedly training in Pakistan. Zazi, an American resident who was in court Thursday as more charges were considered, is part of a growing body of evidence that Americans are being radicalized.

Ah, so only these arrests constitute the ratcheting up of her language.  What about the attack at Fort Hood?  Does that not also constitute her references of what is causing this to happen?  She is quoted in the same article stating:

“We are seeing increasing links between Al Qaeda and these citizens for purposes of planning terrorist attacks,” she said.

So what has happened this past week to make her decide to come out and state this?  Oh yes, the President’s speech to increase the troop levels in Afghanistan.