Disney tells kids taxes help the environment

As I was flipping through the channels on the TV attempting to avoid the Jack-O-A-Thon, the Disney channel was promoting their new project called Friends for Change.  Basically this is a project to get kids signed up to do their part to save the environment.  Such projects, called Pledges, are simple common sense items.  Items include conservation of water for dishes and laundry, thermostat adjustments and reusable grocery bags.  For each of these pledges kids are encouraged to help get their friends signed onto it to get more people thinking green.  There are other parts of this site I have not viewed yet however one part was interesting, especially in it’s wording.

Under each of the project tabs there is a fun fact.  Interesting for the Waste tab the fun fact states:


Fun Fact: In March 2002, plastic bags in Ireland started to be taxed at 15 cents a bag.  (So each time you choose to take a bag any store, you have to pay 15 cents on top of your purchase.)  Now plastic bag use has gone down there by 95 percent!

So what is Disney telling kids?  If you don’t choose to do the right thing you will be taxed to force you to make the right decision?  Not in so many words.  It is worded to make kids understand that we need taxes to help save the environment.  Crikey, without that bag tax we would have all that bag waste!