Obama and Transformers

I just went to see the new Transformers movie and in the first hour there is a scene where a CNN anchorperson mentions that the POTUS is being escorted to an underground bunker.  Usually Hollywood directors make up a ficticious POTUS for their movies, however, in the new Transformers movie they specifically name President Obama.  I thought this was rather interesting as to why they would specifically mention a real POTUS.  This is the only time he is mentioned in the movie and I find it rather humorous that the only time he is mentioned is when he is escorted to an underground bunker whilst the military and ‘everyday people’ are left to deal with the threats of the movie.

Here is a clip of Jerry Bruckheimer’s reasoning behind the mention of President Obama in the movie:


So what exactly is Mr Bruckheimer trying to say about Obama?  He was impressed with him in the Vegas airport so he wanted to mention him in his movie by name being escorted to an underground bunker and … that’s it? 

Ah, but there is more.  In the movie, the National Security Advisor gets on the wrong side of the military personnel trying to save the day and he is under direct orders by POTUS.  So is Mr Bruckheimer saying that specifically President Obama, being mentioned by name in the movie, will appoint people to be on the wrong side of a confrontation with the military and not allow them to do their job?

All in all, the movie was a little long and there was a bit of swearing and sexual connotations that could have been toned down or simply left out.