American Hero's Dog Executed by Punks

It truly is a sad day when a hero who has given so much to his country has to continue through more angst when at home.  Marcus Luttrell is an American Hero for what took place in the mountains of the Hindu Kush of Afghanistan. 

In memory of his fellow SEALs who lost their lives that day, Mr Luttrell was given a dog which he named DASY (one letter symbolizing each fallen brother). 

I cannot even begin to realize the pain which is being felt by Mr Luttrell after seeing his dog be gunned down by some punks out for a joy ride at 1AM.  When he confronted these bastions, they turned tail and ran.  So Mr Luttrell got into his truck and followed the kids through 4 counties until he ran them off the road. 

When the Texas Rangers showed up they could see Mr Luttrell keeping the kids subdued with his gun on them.  Now these punks didn’t keep their mouths shut, even when being escorted to the police cars via the Texas Rangers they decided to rant to Mr Luttrell that he was going to be next when they got out of jail. 

The calm demeanor of Mr Luttrell goes beyond comprehension.  He asked the Ranger if he knew who he was, and of course the Ranger said, ‘Yes Mr. Luttrell’.  At that Mr Luttrell asked the Ranger to help educate the kids on who he was and that they are real lucky to be alive.

Here is a link to the story by Glenn Beck.  Mr Luttrell is going to be on his show tonight.  Mr Beck is also going to show pictures of the punks.  http://www.glennbeck.com/content/articles/article/198/23658/

There are many people who pray for our troops, not just when they are away, but when they come home as well.  Let us take this as a reminder of how much our troops continue to face and yet they still remain ever civil, and how we can continue to learn from our great soldiers.