The Audacity of Austerity: Obama's Dissolute Dealings

So, there’s an awful lot of liberals out there accepting that the economy sucks, but as always will not accept any of the blame. This word austerity is being thrown around alot lately. I think it’s one of those catchy words the White House probably told everyone in the media to use so it is believable. Everyone’s saying it, so it must be true! See here, here, here, here, here, here and then search the word “austerity” on google news if you still don’t believe me.

True “austerity” hasn’t even been tried in my opinion. But, wait a minute, why are we being spoon-fed the word austerity? I think I know.

Webster’s dictionary defines austerity as:
1) the quality or state of being austere
2a) an austere act, manner, or attitude b) an ascetic practice
3) enforced or extreme economy

Sure, definition #3 says enforced (strict) economy. What is with the first definition though? Why use a word like austere? Why would the liberal media want to do that? Perhaps it has to do with the fact the word itself is one of many make-believe economic catch-phrases the left uses to infuse negativity about the other side. To be austere is to be morally strict, stern, and cold to those who aren’t, right libs?

You and your ilk like to use that word to describe us, bring us down, make us feel like we are doing something wrong to you. When in fact, we are the ones who were minding our own business, and one day you tried to steal the hubcaps off our car because you thought it was owed to you somehow. Then, as you were there squatting (haha squatting, it’s funny cause that’s what you do), we drove backward, broke your hand, and you sued for medical expenses.

What’s the opposite of an austere economy? A decadent one? A dissolute dealing? Is that what we call yours and most of Europe’s economic plan? All I know is liberals are sure as hell willing to spend every dime we have to try their socialist plan. Even if it doesn’t work, you still can’t cut it. That’s someone’s livelihood, no matter how useless their work is. We will never be able to turn around this leviathan of a government. We live to support it now.

At least James Poulos over at Forbes gets it.

The bad thing is our graves are being dug with theirs. You liberals say austerity has been tried? Show me. The cuts I’d implement would make you think austerity. You’d be wishing and crying for the “austerity” of today.