FFRF is a fraud and should be investigated

This time it’s a 90+ year old Veteran’s memorial. These people should not be non-profit. It should be investigated whether or not they are legit. They’re wasting my time, your time, and now the time of some poor town in RI. I’m sick of hearing it. How does putting a cross up in memory of someone violate their 1st amendment right??? Rhetorical question. Please, don’t answer that. The answer is it doesn’t! Sorry, but I am livid.


When are people going to stop putting up with this crap and tell them to shove it where the sun doesn’t shine? Where in the world do they think we live?

If this is the case, how come they don’t go after all the crosses at burial grounds?

I hate that I’m even bringing light on this organization.

Reminds me of this old couple that had nothing better to do to my friends and I at a house we rented in college. If we walked through the grass in our yard, they called our landlord. Seriously. It was that ridiculous. That is how ridiculous it is for this organization to claim it is defending the Constitution.

I’m done venting for now, but I’ll never stop fighting.