Ted Cruz, Hillary and the meaning of #MSSEN

Senator Ted Cruz’s appearance and call for an investigation into the Mississippi Senate GOP Primary race on Mark Levin’s show the other night; will come to represent what Mike Huckabee thought he was doing,  in his “This could be a Mount Carmel moment” interjection after then Congressman Akin inserted his political foot in his mouth in the 2012 Missouri senate race. It wasn’t such a moment then, a candidate just misspoke, stakeholders where unhappy.

However, Ted Cruz calling for an investigation actually “Carmelizes” Remember Mississippi.

In short, someone on the high center right… someone with something to lose, a sitting U.S. Senator, Vice Chair of the NRSC,  a plausible presidential candidate even, called bullshit on their own team.  The honorable left used to call this “speaking truth to power” and earned the secular moral authority they mostly misuse and misdirect now, by doing so. This is how civilization was built, how decadence within one’s own tribe was edited out, virtues established or defended, that are then ultimately mimic’ed by other tribes.

It’s how we rose. How we rise.

A year or so back, I only got about 200 pages into Jacques Barzun’s great book, “From Dawn to Decadence, 1500 to present, 500 years of Western Cultural Life”, but from memory somewhere in the book;  he made the point that Decadence need not unnerve as it was simply the precursor to a renewal, a new dawn. Not unlike some Christians who feel the current decadence will lead to a new awakening.

The reaction to the establishment decadence on display in the Mississippi Senate Primary and Senator Cruz’s Mount Carmel type call for an investigation on Mark Levin’s show is heartening.

In short, a critical minority is finding its leaders, acting as a critical moral mass and insisting on fair play, in intraparty center right political fights. Those fights are erupting over the self same critical minority’s insistence on new fealty to old virtues in policy fights.

Reagan’s ‘shining city on a hill’ is still there, cloaked in shadows, but the decadence is being confronted as we fight for a new dawn that chases the shadows away.

All the hand wringing and won loss snark aside, the fights between the decadent elements of the establishment and the Tea Party are making our party and our movement the interesting one. We are neither book less or witless or worthless, who wins matters and this attracts voters.

Witness John Couvillon’s analysis of how voter participation is up in the GOP Primaries this year vis-a-vis the Democrats.  Recall how eight million conservative voters set it out, when we slipped a mickey to center-right voters by nominating the creator of the gateway drug to Obamacare for President in 2012.

The ferment on the center right, from the Mt. Vernon Statement, the rise of the Tea Party Movement, to the serial GOP primary challengers of the comfortably numb GOP incumbents & their embedded Consultants, contrasts nicely with the decadent enervation of Hillary Clinton’s coronation.

Mrs. Clinton has been endorsed by countless elected luminaries of the center left, all Ready For Hillary, none of whom can forward any white papers of what she would do if elected. None of whom will be terminally offended by any white papers she might ultimately forward, whatever they say.

The intellectual and political decadence on the left is so complete, for them even pretending the Democratic Party presidential nomination is open to honest competition amounts to fingernails on a blackboard. Can a political party cringe its way to victory? Cringe its way to durable relevance?

On our side, the progress is uneven, viewed through conventional lens even unattractive at times; but unlike life on the political left, the process of renewal on the right is building and swelling into the decadent places, procedures  and electoral processes that have corrupted our democracy.  We won’t need a Mount Carmel level “fire from Heaven” to succeed.  We just need more leaders who speak up, foot soldiers who rally, and to keep aiming our political flashlights at the shadows.