Door knocking for McDaniel

Its been hot as heck the last several days in Jackson. Someone called and I drove down to knock doors in Rankin County. Right now, I’m waiting for the McDaniel bus to come through Flowood and the Lakeland Drive campaign headquarters for the 5:30 rally.

The last several days have been interesting. I’ve been knocking off Lakeland Drive southeast of the Barnett Reservoir, just east of downtown Jackson.  It felt 50/50 off Millcreek drive.  Funny the first house I knocked on on Westridge, the well dressed attractive older lady reacted strongly before I could even speak…”No,No, No ! you WON’T change my mind, I know who I’m voting for! ” I just stared. She then abruptly changed and said… “I will tell, you !, I’m voting McDaniel…my girlfriend dated Thad in school, I have nothing against him, he’s just been there too long !”  I was off to a good start.  “bob” and his Schnauzer named Reagan were a highlight as well, he surprised me by mentioning Hillsdale College and asking if I knew of it. Why yes ! I surprised him.  He had met Chris McDaniel at the Kroger’s the day before.  “Bob” is not a fan of Barack…  I told him Democracies are meant to be self correcting, but the cost of the corrections aren’t zero.  We would endure, that BHO’s ‘report card’ would power the conservative movement for a generation by discrediting liberalism and big government. He was cheered. I was bluffing a bit, believing it a bit…

Only one lady mentioned the Nursing home issue to say that she was for Thad, but said she was in Healthcare an had originally leaned to McDaniel.  She didn’t try to close the conversation and frankly..I didn’t believe she was ever for Chris.  Another lady thirty five or so said her husband was “all about McDaniel” she was gonna vote Thad. I asked why “well, I work for Ducks Unlimited and Thad is a big supporter of Ducks Unlimited” I complimented the small new fleur de lis tat on the arch of her foot, she’s a Saints fan just moved from Louisiana.  She suggested the neighborhood was “locked up” for Thad because of someone on the next street who was working it.  His name was Troy O. I said, which house, I’ll put a McDaniel flyer on it.

The neighborhood wasn’t locked up. Another lady stopped her car with her teenage son to ask, have you seen my little black dog ? I hadn’t, she asked with a mischievous grin…”what are you doing” I said..”politicking” she said ” which one ? ”  …”McDaniel” she exclaimed “YES ! thumbs up, thought he would win.  Her daughter works at Bob’s Chiropractic, just outside the subdivision,  and if you see her dog, she wants him returned there…Another older woman said she was for Thad but “we’ve talked to a lot of older people and a lot of them think he’s just too old now”  She was from Cotton Plant, Arkansas, originally ( fifty years ago she told me after I tried to impress her by picking the county correctly, Woodruff,) her husband was originally from Pocahontas, missed that county.

Another Thad voter in a wheelchair, was quite gracious, older but able to get to the door in her chair under her own power. I asked if she was voting she said yes. I said may I ask for Whom ? she said well for Thad of course.  She felt strongly the “church” shouldn’t have gotten involved.

I asked, “which Church? ” She said..”well, all of them…” I replied “Really ? ”  “McDaniel is speaking in the Baptist Church’s they could lose their tax status for that” ” I didn’t know how to respond, she helpfully and politely added ” This is Mississippi, there are a lot of Baptist Churches”

I may like people too much to be a good door knocker…or at least talking to them.   I knocked in Madison one day, another in Ridgeland, along the Ross Barnett Resevoir.  That gated community was more for Thad.  Older wealthy folks.  On Frenchman’s Cay in Ridgeland, a nice older guy said he was a ‘personal friend of Thads’ but wanted to talk.  Nice guy. It was a very cordial talk, he was distressed that Eric Cantor had lost, “he understood the budget” I said ” well, if we can only generate one guy who knows the numbers, we are in big trouble”  We got back to McDaniel and said ” He’s run his mouth saying the would get certain things done in D.C. and he can’t change any of that !, one guy can’t change anything up there”  “I responded, “well, should we just stop trying, then said, have you heard of Ted Cruz”  He squinted his eyes and said “I’m a HUGE Ted Cruz fan !” I had thought with the big squint..I was gonna get hammered.  Nope he’s TC.  I said, well he’s just one guy…hasn’t he started changing what’s discussed ?

We left it there.  Last thoughts before the bus comes.  Cochran has the neighborhoods I was in all leafleted. But there were McDaniel push cards and signs everywhere to.  I would be remiss if I didn’t say… I was hot as heck it was 90 and humid one day. No less than 4 different Cochran voters asked me to come in and cool off or take a bottle of water after I told them I was with McDaniel…points for Mississippi class and manners.  I did pretty good with the McDaniel voters on Bottled water too.  Whoever wins on election night, needs to dig deep and acknowledge the decent qualities in the other candidate, and importantly the judgement and faith of those who voted for the other side.  It might be the only chance to get it all glued back together. Bottled water aside…in some places it was still..hot.