Memories of Eric Cantor

Only two politicians have every utterly dissed me in life.

John Kasich and Eric Cantor.  When I was much younger, I went to the SRLC in Biloxi, walking up the hotel, there was Cong. Kasich and someone else in shorts heading out for a jog, stopped at the flagpole in front of the host hotel, waiting on traffic to clear to cross the street and start a run. I walked up all innocent and starry eyed, stuck my hand out and said “hi”, he just stared at me…or down at me as it were. The guy with him just looked at him, waiting for him to acknowledge me, then at me. Now Gov. Kasich just iced me. Totally.  I finally pulled my hand back humiliated and embarrassed. He just stared and then I just walked away. Never smiled, never shook my hand, wouldn’t nod.   When he’s on Fox all jovial and full of collegiality… I always go back to Biloxi in my mind.

The other. Eric Cantor. I was then candidate now Congressman McKinley’s (no Teddy Bear himself) Finance Director in 2010, well, the second one.  We had made the Young Guns program. He was feuding with his Campaign Manager, so insisted I go to D.C. with him for a Young Guns event.  We went to a reception at DLA Piper/lobbyist law firm, a roof top venue in downtown D.C. for all the Young Guns candidates, spouses and staff’s.  It was a good event, new friends and some old ones were there, like Anthony Bedell , Then the Fairfax County, VA GOP chairmen, who I had met volunteering in Sen. George Allens’ 06′ campaign HQ’s in NOVA.  Anyway, I happened to turn around just as Eric Cantor walked into the event.  I would never have approached him at the event,  However, he was right in my face, so I stuck my hand out to shake his and smiled, it frankly would have been rude on my part not too.

I’m just not cool enough for Leader Cantor…he looked me right in the eyes, ignored my hand, and turned his back right in my face….it was so bleeping deliberate, that when he pivoted.. he wasn’t facing anyone..lol. the empty space filed up, as people gravitated to kiss the ring.  There were probably 80 to 90 people on the roof… he managed to be the only certified asshole present.

Last fall, someone called, will you work for a Tea Party Group, Middle Resolution PAC in Richmond to get the vote out ? Its just three or four weeks ? I said sure. I went to Chesterfield County, SW Richmond suburbs.  Cantor was not on the ballot, but his name kept coming up..and the reaction was all the same, snorts, eyerolls and anger at his arrogance.  And an articulated desire to primary him.  When I would mention my brief prior encounter, the attitude was ‘that’s him’   I just assumed his upward trajectory like so many who behave poorly for no reason, would be uninterrupted.

What a difference a year made….karma is what it is…

P.S. kinda funny, I got thrown out of the auditorium at Dave Brat’s college handing out Cucenelli Et Al flyers..lol.  Wasn’t allowed yada. the kicker…it was a speech/award given to….drumroll.. Former RNC Chairman Michael Steele.