The View from West Des Moines (Iowa 3) GOP Primary

Great debate last night on KCCI here in Des Moines. Proud to be supporting Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz in the GOP primary.

Matt has the Senate Conservatives Fund, Freedom works and Santorum endorsements. Tomm. night is the Senate debate ( Go Joni !) We are knocking doors in West Des Moines, Ankeny, Waukee.  The phone bank here in the headquarters is busy. Sorta funny, Branstad’s hq’s, Joni Ernst’s and Matt Schultz’s Hq’s all in the same shopping center, probably within 300 feet of each other.  I thought it must be some grand political GPS location inspiration jointly comprehended .. then realized…ah…we are all in a semi circle around the Panera Bread. Turns out I was right.

All the candidates were interesting in the debate, Matt hit the balanced budget amendment, trillions in debt, does not want to burden his 5 kids or yours with that debt. Only candidate that looked in the camera.  Brad Zaun seems what he is a tired career politician.  Robert Creamer faded in the second half of the debate.  Monte Shaw got hung up on having supported the ‘rainforest’ proposal.  David Young is probably a nice guy, but being Sen. Grassley’s former COS is not the same has having campaign and communication skill sets. Tuesday can’t come soon enough to put him out of his political misery.

Hard to hit 35 percent with 4 or 5 very competitive candidates, if we don’t, then on to a convention of 560 delegates more or less.