Arkansas 4th Congressional District Race 2014

Considering that Erick has questioned Bruce Westerman’s credibility/character/fitness to serve in the past, I think its fair that the Redstate community consider Tommy Moll’s credibility….via Avik Roy’s National Review article


As a Freedomworks SuperActivst from Arkansas 4 who was not consulted by Freedomworks before the endorsement. What Avik Roy states is completely in line with my experience.  In fact, I brought Dean Clancy, VP at Freedomworks down to Arkansas, to speak at the legislative hearing, to visit with Bruce Westerman and other GOP legislators, most of whom ultimately voted for the Medicaid expansion. Bruce did not vote for it, in fact he voted 10 times against it and held the line through a general session and then a special session this spring in Little Rock.  In fact, as Roy says in the article he was the leader of the opposition. There wasn’t someone else in some corner of the Arkansas State Capitol that we were huddled with.   When Glenn Gallas, the former chair of the Garland County Tea Party created a signature drive to place on the statewide ballot a stop to the medicaid expansion, the 30,000 plus signatures ( not enough to get on the ballot) at least on the final day allowed to collect them,  he and his team gathered were turned in to him, at Garland County GOP HQ’s at….Bruce Westerman’s campaign kickoff party, …ask Glenn…he was on Dave Elswicks Radio Show as a fill in host with Westerman fighting the private option for the last year and half.

I have always enjoyed Redstate, and enjoyed attending the New Orleans Gathering last year.  I won’t enjoy Tommy Moll becoming the GOP nominee in AR 4 by telling the “Big Lie” as perfected by the Obamites, it isn’t any more ethical when done by a Republican, or when its facilitated by well meaning posters on RS.