Open Letter to Glenn Beck

Dear Glenn,

For the last few years, I’ve done what you asked, I’ve been listening to your “crazy” conspiracy theories, and I’ve been doing my own homework. Now I think I have found the missing piece in the jigsaw puzzle that makes all of these disparate pieces suddenly, and shockingly, make sense. In fact, I believe the big picture is even bigger than you’ve been indicating, and the missing link is so scary that even I’m having trouble believing it.

Perhaps you’re already aware of what I’m about to suggest, and are reticent to say it because it’s premature and people will again write it off as crazy, as they have with so many of your prophetic predictions. Or perhaps even you haven’t made this leap yet. But once you hear it, I’m convinced you’ll see how it explains just about everything that’s going on now, and is likely to go on in the coming years.

This missing link confirms your proposition that the Islamic world is actively working toward creating a Caliphate. It explains why we are defending the revolutionaries in Libya and not other Middle Eastern countries in turmoil. It clarifies why so many are pushing us toward a global government. It helps us understand why Obama thinks being in Brazil during a time when our troops are initiating a military action overseas. It explains why Obama isn’t worried about being a one-term President. Truly, when you apply my theory to almost any political situation, recent past, present and future, you’ll perceive it in a whole new light.

Of course, to understand it fully, one needs to understand certain tenets of the Quran and Sharia law. While the Bible specifically and repeatedly states that lying is a sin, the Quran specifically and repeatedly states that lying is acceptable in many circumstances, and is a Muslim DUTY in many others. Lying is only a sin if you lie when you could get what you want by telling the truth. But lying to infidels to persuade them to convert to Islam, or to reveal their weaknesses so they can be intimidated into converting is not only acceptable but encouraged and rewarded. This is called Taqiyya, and it is wholeheartedly and conveniently embraced by Muslims. (http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/Quran/011-taqiyya.htm)

So here goes. When you look at the grand scheme of things, everything that’s happened in the last four years to our government, the Administration, our country and our relationships around the world, it can all be explained by one simple premise. At their earliest opportunity, Obama’s handlers are going to declare him the 12th Imam. This has likely been their plan all along. First, he becomes President of the United States. Then he uses that position to destroy the country from the inside (as historically happens to all great countries and empires). Once completed, he reclaims his Islamic roots, and justifies his actions to the Muslim people around the world (who, by now, are either well on their way to destroying their current governments, in chaos or impending chaos, and looking for the strong man to save them), declaring his entire “sleeper” life in America as a brazen act of Taqiyya utilized for the purpose of uniting the world under Islam. The Muslims would declare him the Mahdi even if he, himself, didn’t.

Well, there it is. Crazy, maybe, but the more I watch him, the more I’m convinced. He behaves like he’s already President of the World (sans American conservatives). He doesn’t govern well, but he manages to inspire others through his acclaimed oratory, like all great figurehead puppets. He learned public speaking from a master orator, Rev. Jeremiah Wright. He has had ties to the Islamic world all his life. He was born to a Muslim father, which according to the Quran makes him a Muslim for life, punishable by death if he should ever leave (claiming he is Christian being another act of Taqiyya “for the greater good.”) The unions and leftists are being duped for the same reason. Qaddafi has to go because he would never submit to the higher authority of a Caliphate, and so on.

I could go on, but you get the point. I know it sounds crazy, even crazier than some of the things I’ve heard you propose, but I’m becoming more and more convinced that the puzzle can only be solved with this one final piece. Just try looking at the world events through this lens, and see if you don’t agree. Or, as I said, you may already have come to this conclusion but are unwilling to say it out loud. I’m not. I’m just a nobody that isn’t being targeted like you, but maybe this one little drop in the water will have a ripple effect, like Rick Santelli did when he said we needed to start a new Tea Party in this country, or the revelation for many that Obama was clearly a Socialist when he answered Joe the Plumber’s simple, direct question.

Anyway, thanks for listening. I trust I’ve given you some ideas, and confirmed to you that yes, we are out here, and yes, we are listening, and yes, we are thinking on our own, out of the box, reaching conclusions that would have been impossible just months ago. And finally, YES, we are determined to help lead this country back to it’s Constitutional foundation. I am,

Respectfully Yours,

Jeanette Henderson