Renewing the promise at The New Americana

Just over a year ago, I decided to launch a Drudge Report competitor that wasn’t a shill for Donald Trump and the GOP Establishment. It was the popularity of my post on Red State that ended up propelling the site to early success. For that, I’m grateful.

After the election, our mission shifted towards promoting a conservative agenda within the newly empowered Republican Party. Having control of every facet of government meant that the Establishment felt comfortable with their moderate agenda. We chose to challenge the agenda by promoting small-government, freedom-loving news and opinion pieces to help spread the word. Lurching left is natural for the GOP because the Democrats are pushing further towards communism than many imagined possible in America. The Republicans don’t need to embrace conservative values when they only need a little room between them and the Democrats.

If they can be rewarded as the lesser-of-two-evils, why would they choose to take the hard road of fiscal responsibility and other conservative values?

In recent weeks, I’ve had to scale back the attention I put into The New Americana. I won’t go into a sob story about my circumstances; challenges I face are minuscule compared to the life-or-death struggles millions face around the world. I’ll admit that it’s been hard putting in the time, but the mandate to promote a truly conservative news aggregator made it imperative for me to find the time. After much thought and prayer, I’ve decided to double down on TNA.

This also means that I’ll be writing more at RedState. There are so few sites out there that truly embody the conservative movement. RedState is leading the way and needs as much content as possible from federalism-minded small government folks, so I’m happy to contribute.

Keep an eye on what we’re doing over at The New Americana. It’s been a rough month or so, but we’re renewing the promise we made last year to put the nation’s well-being and future prosperity ahead of any political motivations or financial gain. If you’d like to contribute, we’ll gladly accept.

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