Why the left and the media pretend to be in denial

There is never a need for ad hominem attacks, especially when it comes to the left. They offer enough lunacy and fodder for conservatives to stay on point. Given enough time, the left will invariably disintegrate their own arguments. A perfect example of this can be seen in the way much (not all) of the left and nearly all of mainstream media is handling the interim between the election and Donald Trump’s inauguration.

As I noted yesterday, I really didn’t expect them to act this way. I expected them to accept the completeness of their failures this election cycle, regroup, and come out swinging much the way that conservatives and the Tea Party movement reacted in 2009. The drubbing we received in 2008 woke us up to the reality that we needed a fresh reassertion of values and small government principles into the GOP. The result was taking the House in 2010 and the Senate in 2014.

Things will change for the left. I don’t expect them to continue to be led by Jill Stein, Hillary Clinton, or Nancy Pelosi, but for now that’s what we have. Why is it so hard for them to regroup? The answer on the surface is the  simple one: they cannot conceive that they were so wrong about everything. Trump wasn’t supposed to win. The Senate was supposed to fall for them. The House was not out of reach. They even hoped to make strides at the state level. As it turned out, they were shot down at every turn.

Something has to be wrong. They were certain they’d done everything they needed to do in order to push forward with Barack Obama’s agenda. They’re so beside themselves they’re quickly becoming Federalists to take advantage of the electoral college and correct the course of the nation. Simultaneously, they’re pushing for a pure Democracy to take the last scrap of checks and balances away from the states altogether.

In short, they’re scrambling for answers. This is why we’re still seeing stories about every infantile Tweet the President-elect puts out there. It’s why they don’t see their own hypocrisy in calling for recounts and not accepting the results of the election when they were demanding the same from Trump based upon the assumption that he would lose.

Again, that’s the surface answer. It’s the one we’re supposed to see. The deeper answer hidden in the depths of Geoge Soros’ and the real power brokers’ war rooms is a modernization of the teachings of Saul Alinksy. Hillary may have been one of his best students, but she lacked the skills to apply his teachings properly. In today’s world, the realignment of Rules for Radicals will attempt to subvert logic and common sense to shift the populist movement in the left’s direction. To do this, they’ll need to turn everyone into victims.

As conservatives, we cannot become complacent. We cannot revel in the “victories” from this election cycle (though one can make a serious argument that the GOP’s wins were actually losses for the conservative movement, but that’s a different discussion). We have to move forward with one assumption: the Democratic Party and their media minions are wounded animals capable of utilizing extremely aggressive measures in order to make their point. Before the next batch of leaders from Chuck Schumer to Keith Ellison guide the new blood in the party from Julián Castro to Tulsi Gabbard, we will see much of the old guard making their final contribution, damn the torpedoes.

Stein is getting more publicity and contributions now than she ever received as a Presidential candidate. The Clintons have nothing left to lose, so why not go on the offensive? President Obama won’t be retiring from public life. Nancy Pelosi, if she survives as minority leader, will be loaded with more piss and vinegar than her 76-year-old body may be able to handle, but don’t expect that to stop her.

Howard Dean. Joe Biden. Al Gore. The list of potential kamikaze Democrats is huge. They haven’t filled their bench with replacements, but we can expect that to happen very quickly. In the meantime, the party that was riding high just eight years ago has quickly hit their perceived rock bottom.

This more than anything else is why we see such desperation and pitiful denial coming from the left and mainstream media. It’s not just an emotional response. They need to try to make the people believe that it’s the system that’s broken. If they can sell that particular bag of goods, they’ll be well-prepared to bring on the new blood. They’ll be well on their way to establishing a nation loaded with self-perceived victims.

Don’t confuse the Democrats’ disarray with confusion. They are reacting emotionally, but there’s also a method to their madness. We’re already seeing an increase in Alinskyite techniques finding its way into the streets, spewing out from every news story, and creeping into the collective consciousness. Now more than ever, conservatives must unite to expose the increasingly cohesive liberal organization hidden by the clouds of chaos.