3 reasons why I hope Obama pardons Hillary

As a proud supporter of law and order in America, it’s extremely hard for me to come to the conclusion that President Obama should pardon Hillary Clinton before he leaves office. I believe in justice and despise the notion that anyone can be above the law, but for America’s sake, this is one time when I hope she’s allowed to slide.

She doesn’t deserve to slide. Everyone she’s hurt in her life deserves the satisfaction of justice being served. However, if all we can nail her on is her email server, I hope that she gets pardoned before Donald Trump takes office. Here’s why…

An Unworthy Distraction

We have been in the early stages of arguably the most crucial time in global history. So many things hang in the balance: America’s primacy, cyberterrorism, intensifying threats from Russia-China-Iran-NKorea, European strains, economic fears, everything about the Middle East… there are so many critical issues to address that one might long for the good ol’ days when we only had to worry about the USSR, African starvation, and AIDS.

A society that still weeps for Harambe and throws fits over a Broadway musical needs fewer distractions, not more. A government with Trump in charge needs to keep him focused as well. Hillary’s investigation and eventual trial would be as big as OJ’s. We just can’t afford to be looking in the wrong direction over an email server when there are more serious issues that deserve attention.

The Democrats, Exposed

If President Obama pardons Hillary, the media and the Democrats will paint it as a precautionary move to prevent Trump from following through with his threats. Many if not most Americans will buy it, but there will be plenty who will see this as another example of cronyism with the elite protecting their own.

A pardon will take the already-tainted Clinton family legacy and add another layer of questions. Moreover, it will be something more for conservative media to call out when future corruptions within the Democratic Party are discovered. Obama and Hillary might actually do more damage to the party through a pardon than they would if she were convicted.

A Lose-Lose Decision

Without a pardon, all eyes will be on Trump’s next moves. If he pushes the investigation forward, it will be viewed as vindictive. If he doesn’t push it forward, it will be viewed as weak or further evidence of cronyism.

Either way, Trump will damage his administration’s image early for one or the other side before he’s barely able to get started. If she’s pardoned, he can turn the move to his advantage.

If there’s something more that can come out of an investigation – Obama’s involvement, implication of other Democrats, or new crimes uncovered, for example – I would happily switch my perspective and hope she gets what’s coming to her. If we’re just talking about her emails that drag her and a few aides down, the negatives outweigh the positives.