Two-Months After Launch of Drudge Alternative, RedState Leads in Most Clicks

Two-months and a couple of days ago, I invested a little money and a lot of time into building an alternative to the Drudge Report that wasn’t pro-Trump. It had become sickening to see Drudge, Breitbart, and other “conservative” publications acting as the PR PACs for the GOP’s (and America’s) worst nightmare of a candidate, so I put up a new site and posted about it here.

I expected that a good number of stout conservatives here would give it a peek. The response was phenomenal – far better than I expected. After many complaints about the original name, I moved the site to thenewamericana.com and redirected the old. Since then, RedState has been a go-to site throughout the day as I look for the freshest and most properly-conservative stories. The result: it’s the site that gets the most clicks. Here’s a look at clicks so far this month…

The New Americana Clicks

As we grow, the goal will be to continue to highlight the needs for conservatism while attacking the liberal idiocy that is rising across the country. Currently, we have about 1/1000th of the traffic of Drudge, but we’re pleased with the results after two months. Thank you to all who have visited. We will continue to send as many interested patriots to RedState as we can.