#NeverTrump 2.0

NeverTrump 2.0

The weeks that followed Ted Cruz and John Kasich dropping out in early May demonstrated an unfortunate reality in the GOP: most Republicans fear Hillary Clinton more than Donald Trump. Outside of the 1/6th of the country that truly supports Trump, the wholehearted embrace of the bombastic politician simply didn’t materialize. The effect was a solemn shift by many to accept and even endorse Trump begrudgingly. The #NeverTrump pseudo-movement was declared dead by many journalists, pundits, and politicians.

Then, Trump happened again. Instead of the shift towards sanity that most Republicans anticipated (hoped for?) from Trump, he continued to be himself. In fact, he started amplifying the personality flaws and psychological projections that helped him appeal to the 1/6th. As quickly as people like Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, Mitch McConnell, and Lindsey Graham boarded the Trump Train, they found themselves questioning whether or not they were in the right place. Most have continued their support because of the Hillary-is-evil factor, but they’re quickly distancing themselves from Trump’s racist attacks on Trump University Judge Gonzalo Curiel as well as his most liberal policies.

You can see the concern on their faces. You can hear the hesitation in their voices. While the didn’t embrace Trump in a Coulteresque bear hug, they held on to hope that he could be coaxed, guided, or even controlled to stay in the Republican lane and not become an embarrassment to party and country. Those hopes are fading. He isn’t just showing signs of continuing to be the fool that he’s always been. He was caught attempting to double down on his idiocy. This is the ONLY reason that now he has decided to stop his racist push to discredit the judge. Doing so should not be viewed as an example of how Trump can be toned down. He had no choice. If the conference call details weren’t leaked, today we’d be hearing most of his surrogates calling out journalists as the racists and crying about how unfair everyone is being to poor little Donnie.

The need to prevent both Trump and Hillary from ever stepping foot in the Oval Office is as great as it’s ever been. Now that Trump is proving himself to be unacceptable to some of his recent reluctant converts, it’s time to turn up the heat. Here are some key points to consider:

It’s time to get organized. It’s time to select a path and consolidate our efforts to stop Trump and Hillary. Leaders of the conservative movement who have not sold their souls to either devil must regroup. That means the leaders at Red State. That means Erick Erickson, Mark Levin, Ben Shapiro, and others with media influence. That means politicians like Ben Sasse, Cruz, Marco Rubio, and even (gulp) the Bush family must embrace this push. Somewhere along the lines, Kristol and Romney became the “leaders” of this pseudo-movement which is why it’s not a real movement. It’s time for the rest of us to hit the phones, hit the blogs, hit the radio, and come up with a plan. Is that a third-party run? Yes. Is it an effort to educate the delegates? Yes. This is the Alamo, folks, and while the end result will likely still be a defeat, the foundation of a future push towards sanity must be established even if we lose this battle.

The exciting part is that in the short term if we win or the long term if we lose, we’ll have the organization prepared to either build or rebuild. The only reason to not embrace the idea is the cynicism that can engulf us all when faced with such fierce opposition from the uninformed majority. Now is the time to fight the good fight.