Here's the Answer to Trump's Ludicrous Question About His Organizational Ineptitude

Donald Trump Ludicrous Question

It’s quite ironic that Donald Trump was at a CNN town hall event when he was asked about being spanked by Ted Cruz’s organization in Colorado. Anderson Cooper pointed out that the loss went against Trump’s narrative of being an “organizational genius” and called into question his leadership abilities.

That’s when Trump asked why he’s won more states if his organization is so bad. Here’s the answer:

Mainstream media has followed him around nonstop since he launched. At first, they wanted the ratings and hoped to have their cameras and microphones pointed at him when he had a meltdown or ate a live toad for all to see. Then, something strange happened. His message resonated. First, it was his message against illegal immigration. Then, it was his message about radical Islamic terrorism. The message about bringing back jobs with fiscally irresponsible techniques was sprinkled throughout, hitting a high point in the middle of debate season. Lately, the message has been the sustained drumbeat of fighting the Establishment.

He started looking like he could make a run for the nomination and the leftist puppeteers over mainstream media saw an opportunity to help Hillary Clinton defy her insane unpopularity and pull out a victory in November. At that point, 24/7 coverage simply wasn’t enough. There was no such thing as “too much Trump” for the news channels.

On the other side of the fence, conspicuous shifts in editorial judgment filled some of the most powerful conservative news sites like Drudge Report and Breitbart plus dozens of smaller ones. Even TeaParty.org defied its namesake by going full-blown Trump despite his big government, big spending policy proposals.

Through a combination of novelty, coercion, manipulation, and bullying, Trump became the news.

If ANY other candidate had received 1/2 of the coverage throughout this election cycle as Trump, they would have already won the 1,237 delegates required. To coin a popular Trump phrase, “that I can tell you” with absolute certainty. Trump is the frontrunner in spite of a bungling embarrassment of an organization. He’s the frontrunner in spite of an electorate that should have learned by now not to be manipulated by the media. He’s the frontrunner in spite of himself and his clownish ideas.

Perhaps the most embarrassing part about all of this is that the attention that Trump receives has nothing to do with merit. The press initially covered him because they thought he would make a fool of himself and he did on many occasions. Whether knowingly or not, they gave him the spotlight that allowed him to use his only real world skill – salesmanship – to enchant the masses. He appealed through sheer ignorance to some (the apolitical believe that other apolitical people can somehow run the country better than the experienced), through bigotry to others, through strongman promises to the weak authoritarian types, and lastly to those politically savvy who are so fed up with “the Establishment” that they see him as a system breaker of sorts. This last one is humorous because, as many of us already know, Trump is arguably the most pro-Establishment candidate in the mix outside of Clinton.

Trump wasn’t robbed. He failed to act for one of two reasons: (1) he really is a very poor leader that hires idiots posing as “the best people,” or (2) he tanked Colorado willfully to use it as a rallying call for the ignorant that he could manipulate into believing that the system cheated him. Either way, Colorado proves that he’s either not fit to be President or he’s too conniving to be trusted with the office.