Which is Worse, a Trump Nomination or Dissolving Rule 40B?

Rule 40B

Under no circumstance would I want to see Donald Trump as the GOP nominee. Under no circumstance would I want to see a Trump nomination stopped by an open/contested/brokered convention that gave us a candidate other than Ted Cruz. It’s not just my support for Cruz that drives this feeling. If any other candidate went into the convention with eight or more states where they held a majority of delegates, I would still be calling for Rule 40B to remain in place.

The narrative that’s being formed is that the Rules Committee created rule 42 for just such an occasion as the 2016 election. In it, Rules 26-42 are temporary for the following convention. In other words, the week before the convention, the rules committee can (and likely will) remove or reword Rule 40B to allow for someone other than Donald Trump or Ted Cruz to be on the delegates’ ballot. Sadly, the rule itself was created to protect the 2012 nominee, Mitt Romney, from any embarrassment of having Ron Paul supporters making noise. Changing it for their benefit now will be very bad for the party even if it’s done to stop Trump.

My opposition to the rule change isn’t just about fairness. It isn’t about consistency. It’s about the “Establishment” not having the ability to change their perspective on a whim based upon whether their chosen candidate was in the mix or not.

As much as I hate utilizing the talk tracks of Trump supporters, the voters have spoken. They either want Trump or Cruz. To deny Trump the nomination by giving it to someone like Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, or one of the fallen candidates (yes, even Marco Rubio) would be a disaster for the party and would guarantee a Democratic victory in November just as surely as a Trump nomination. The party has enough baggage going into the general election whether the nominee is the unelectable Trump or a Trump-damaged Cruz. Any other nominee would cause a revolt within the party and would give fodder to the Democrats and their mainstream media cronies to attack a nominee that was force-fed to the people by the RNC.

The question of which is worse between a Trump nomination or a stolen nomination is like comparing the gas chamber to the electric chair. Both death sentences would yield the same ultimate result.

While the #NeverTrump movement is strong, it cannot devolve to a convention trick in order to keep him from the nomination. There’s one and only one viable solution to the Trump problem. Ted Cruz must win enough delegates to challenge Trump and win outright on the second or third ballot. Any other outcome would put the Democrats in the White House in 2017.