Trump's Supporters Made Their Point. Now it's Time to #RethinkTrump.

Rethink Trump

Back in September, I wrote that I’ll thank Donald Trump once he loses. I’ll add to that sentiment and thank his supporters for helping to both craft his points and for showing us all that the anger towards the Establishment on both sides of the aisle isn’t solely possessed by the conservative elite or the pundits. The semi-political and apolitical are just as angry as those of us who are paying more attention and for this revelation we owe them gratitude as well as an apology for not realizing it sooner.

Their point has been made. They’re mad as hell and they’re not going to accept anyone other than Donald Trump. Thankfully, his string of poor decisions over the last few weeks has many of them starting to wonder whether or not his rhetoric can be backed up by his actions. Some are questioning whether he has the skills and knowledge necessary for the job. Others are concerned that he simply cannot win. There are even those who are questioning whether he really wants to be President or not.

Now’s the time to capitalize on this. I’m a #NeverTrumper, but I see the merits in a kinder approach. It’s time to help his supporters rethink Trump. Just a couple of weeks ago, I would have been the first person to say that it wasn’t really possible, that his supporters were too blinded by his shining presence to discern reality. Now, I’m seeing hope. I’m seeing an opening that wasn’t there before.

It’s time to refocus the anger that we feel towards the people who are risking the party and the country and turn that anger into education. It’s time to reason with them before he’s able to close that window of opportunity. For many Trump supporters, their shields are down a bit. Rather than forcing them to raise their shields even stronger than before by insulting Trump or ridiculing their support, it’s time to acknowledge two things:

  1. Contrary to popular belief, some Trump supporters will listen to reason.
  2. Their anger is righteous but raw and if we can refocus it behind a candidate that can truly fix the corruption in Washington DC (Ted Cruz) then all of this has been worthwhile.

Trump has torn the very fabric of the Republican party, but in doing so he’s exposed the weaknesses that can be mended. The question is if the mending can start sooner rather than later. We can’t expect Trump to do the mending so it’s up to us to look beyond the disaster of Trump and focus on the reason for Trump. If the torn fabric can be made stronger as a result with a Republican party that has new voters calling for change, then Trump’s presence in this race can end up being a positive.

It sounds idealistic, even naive, but at this point I see it as the only path forward. We can continue to rip Trump apart, but in doing so we’re also ripping down his supporters and sending them to the realm of non-voters. Whether or not we need them to defeat Hillary Clinton is up for debate, but if there’s a way to take down Trump by reasoning rather than insulting, then that’s the way we should go.

Donald Trump may have terrible ideas, but the anger that drives his supporters is real. If they can be shown a realistic set of policies behind a candidate that has been fighting Washington DC’s corruption in the Senate, there is a chance for the party and the country to be whole once again.