Cuban-American Voltron: Whoever Does Better in Nevada Leads the Ticket with the Other as Running Mate

Rubio Cruz Voltron

Barring something major happening in the next week, the chances of anyone pulling ahead of Donald Trump during the “SEC Primaries” on March 1 are slim. Cruz has the best chance, but he has issues. Marco Rubio is looking like he’ll start the primary season off o-15 which pretty much eliminates his chances. Separated, they’ll probably fail. Together, they’ll probably succeed.

Let Nevada decide.

I know that’s unfair considering that Cruz has already beaten Rubio in 2 out of the first 3 matches and was barely short of beating him in the third, but let’s make it interesting. What happens in Vegas affects the future of the nation. Whoever does best leads the ticket and the other is the running mate.

I started calling for Voltron immediately after South Carolina and reiterated it this morning. Considering the rumors that we’re already participating in at Red State, why not up the proverbial Vegas ante. Let’s say their meeting happened and they’re just being coy in order to keep it competitive through Nevada. Mortal enemies today, running mates tomorrow. That’s my hope, my dream, and my desperate measure to fight during desperate times.

If something doesn’t give very, very soon, we’re destined to give away the White House to the Democrats in the one year that we have actual conservatives who should be able to easily defeat them.