Veterans Supporting Draft-Dodging Trump Should Be Certain They Know What They're Getting

Donald Trump Draft Dodger

There are several “Veterans for Trump” groups out there that are active on social media and on the campaign trail. Many attribute their support to Donald Trump’s strength and undying support of the military. This is ludicrous. From an early age up until very recently, his actions and riches have been used to harm the military.

His history started, of course, with four deferments and a physical disqualification that prevented him from having to fight in the Vietnam War. What’s conspicuous about this is the fact that he was considered a great athlete in school, one who was recruited by pro scouts. He was captain of his class cadet corp and lettered in three sports. This impressive physical prowess suddenly withered after his four draft deferments ran out. Faced with the prospects of serving his country or joining his father’s real estate empire, he managed to become physically unfit to serve.

As an active member of the crony capitalist machine in Washington DC, his actions continued to benefit him while hurting the military. By strongly supporting as many anti-military politicians that his money could buy, including Harry Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and, of course, the Clintons, Trump’s fervent push to propel the careers of people who willfully hamper our military supremacy has somehow been forgiven by his followers. They look at him as a winner even if the vast majority of the victories he’s won have been in stark opposition to the very freedoms that the United States military is sworn to protect. His money and influence have been used to weaken our military and he’s never been ashamed to admit it.

How does he make it up? He donates. He donated a million dollars in 1983 for a veterans memorial. 26 years later, he made his next veterans’ donation of $57,000. Sounds like a lot of money from such a generous friend to the active duty military and veterans of America. Of course, if you were take his vast riches that he claims to tally over $10 billion, these pre-campaign contributions are equivalent to an average Joe making $50,000 per year donating $5.29 (as in 529 pennies) one time in 27 years.

His generosity has increased ever since he needed campaign props. Now, all he talks about are veterans and a strong military. After all, it plays in South Carolina and other early primary states.

Lately, his tune has been changing. After insulting veteran and POW John McCain as being a “loser” for getting captured, he’s trying to fix the situation. No, he’s not taking back his statement which is undeniable considering the video footage. He’s not apologizing, either. Now, he’s claiming that he never said it. Sadly, nearly all of his fawning supporters now believe that he didn’t say it because they believe everything he says, facts and video evidence be damned.

To Christians, he panders by holding up a Bible. To conservatives, he panders by pretending to be the first candidate to propose a wall. To Democrats, he panders with liberal policy proposals. To the military, he panders by hiding his very anti-military past. That’s the state of the Republican party. A good number of us are sheep being led to slaughter.