60 Minutes Interview Marks a Terrifying Shift in President Obama

Obama 60 Minutes

From demonstrating leadership through climate change and the Iran Deal to clear disdain for insinuations that Russian President Vladimir Putin was challenging him, President Obama’s interview with Steve Kroft on 60 Minutes demonstrated the shakiest he’s sounded since the first debate with Mitt Romney. Republicans are fist bumping each other over the embarrassing moments in the interview, but we definitely shouldn’t be.

We should be terrified.

It wasn’t what he said in the interview that is troublesome. It’s what he told Kroft after the interview in b-roll takes. As Kroft put it, the President said he felt “liberated” because he’s not on a ballot in the upcoming election. Before we dismiss this minor comment, it’s important to remember the man and how his ego will drive him going forward.

His decisions are being questioned and he doesn’t have an election to win. This means that he will act very brashly. This isn’t going to be a year and a few months of winding down the way many Presidents end their second term. He’s not preparing a few pardons and thinking of his greatest accomplishments to put in a memoir. He is going to ramp up. He is liberated, which for a man like President Obama means that he’s empowered. He can do whatever he wants. He will do whatever he wants.

This interview marked a turning point. The shine that he perceived was still glowing around him is a little less bright in his own mind. He’s mad about how the interview went. He’s angry about what people are saying about his weakness. The 60 Minutes interview has made him more dangerous to America and the world than he’s ever been in the past.

He has nothing to lose and the interview confirmed that to him. He bombed it harder than any interview he’s had and there will be no repercussions. “Liberated” and “empowered” might both be the wrong words for what the President is feeling. Right now, he’s untouchable in his own mind.

Some will say that nothing changed in his goals and they would be right. However, just as the first debate brought out the fight that helped the President to obliterate Romney after it, this interview will embolden the President to act on his darkest desires.

Before the interview, I believe he was in the mode of preserving his legacy. Now, I think he realizes that he still has time to build a legacy that lasts. This means the taking guns, dividing Israel, closing Gitmo, solidifying Obamacare, securing the Iran Deal, and passing TPP are now on the hardcore fast track for the remainder of his term.

Republicans need to come together with conservative strength at the top in order to curtail the destruction he has planned.