The last time a brash New Yorker had a double digit lead in September

Trump Giuliani

This is the story of a September before a Presidential election year. It’s the story of a man from New York City who was electrifying crowds with tough talk and a history of success. It’s the story of a man with over 30% of the GOP vote according to the polls, a DC outsider who was going to clean things up in the White House.

It’s not the story of Donald Trump. This is the story of Rudy Giuliani. Eight years ago this month, Giuliani was ahead of eventual nominee [mc_name name=’Sen. John McCain (R-AZ)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’M000303′ ] in the national polls by 17%. He had a New York pedigree that could be heard through tough talk against the Democrats and even tougher talk about rebuilding the country. Unfortunately for Giuliani, the 2007 love affair did not translate into 2008 primary votes.

Many people are starting to believe that the GOP nomination of Donald Trump is foregone conclusion. They aren’t looking at history. They aren’t remembering that August and September before the primaries can yield extremely inaccurate numbers. As I noted in a previous article, then-Senator Barack Obama scored a 32% favorable rating from Republicans compared to 38% viewing him negatively.

I’m only mildly scared of Trump. If it weren’t for social media, I wouldn’t be worried at all that an unethical moderate could possibly win the election. Thanks to social media, there’s a slight chance that this mistake may stick just so people can save face.

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