Why Donald Trump's Sales Skills Won't Work in the General Election

Donald Trump Magic Spell

Anyone who reads the conservative blogs, follows social media, or listens to talk radio knows that Donald Trump hasn’t just built up a large volume of supporters. They seem to be a very passionate group, more so than the supporters for other candidates such as Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton, or Chris Christie. Trump has done an incredible job of casting a spell over a lot of Republicans, but the magic that he’s using won’t work at all in the general election.

He’s appealing to certain traits of many Republican voters that really lures them in:

  • Straight Talk: After nearly seven years of President Obama, [mc_name name=’Rep. John Boehner (R-OH)’ chamber=’house’ mcid=’B000589′ ], and the political professionals that represent us, having someone who comes out and says the uncomfortable truths on issues like immigration is refreshing.
  • Perceived Fearlessness: On the surface, Trump exudes the confidence of the master salesman that he is. This only goes so far, though, and he’s demonstrated an inability to react intelligently when he’s pulled an inch out of his comfort zone as Megyn Kelly and Hugh Hewitt demonstrated. Those “gotcha” questions were puny compared to the ones he’ll get from the left and the media if he wins the nomination.
  • The People Can Relate: This is the strangest thing to me, but somehow Trump has been able to relate with the people in a way that other candidates have not. The reality is that he’s lived a life that’s further away from the average voter’s life than just about any of the candidates, but his lack of knowledge on the political spectrum helps people relate to him. It’s almost endearing for some reason to those who also don’t know who General Soleimani is.
  • Passion: This is something that more candidates need and I believe that it’s real. Donald Trump really does want to make America great again and his sincerity on this particular front is arguably the biggest reason that he’s appealing to the Republican masses.

With these and other components of his campaign and personality, the master salesman Donald Trump has sold validation to his supporters. If he’s able to win the nomination, those same sales skills will quickly become useless.

As I mentioned, the “gotcha” questions that he’s had to face so far are like Little League changeups compared to the scorching fastballs, nasty sliders, and knee-buckling curveballs that the Democrats and the media will throw at him. He was already stuttering and stammering when faced with questions from the conservative media. The liberal media machine will demolish him. They will find skeletons bigger than Rosie O’Donnell and magnify his lack of understanding of the geopolitical world around us.

Moderates and independents will turn left because they won’t have any other choice. Conservatives will abandon ship and revert to their non-vote option. Democrats will be galvanized behind whatever candidate they can muster.

Those who are under Trump’s spell might say that he can handle it. As strange as it sounds, whatever magic he’s using has blinded many to the fact that he hasn’t handled adversity well at all up to this point. He’s become petty, defensive, and has demonstrated just how easy it is to rattle him. It’s possible that the rattling has made him even more endearing to his followers; heck, they’d react the same way in that situation. Unfortunately, they’re not seeing that these endearing traits are not conducive for winning a general election and definitely not the types of traits you’d want from a President.

Don’t get me wrong. I have hope. I don’t see it as too late for this course to be corrected, but the closer we get to the primaries the more dangerous that Trump becomes. He’s distracting so many from seeing the mettle of other candidates, to learn of their policies and personalities. This needs to change course very soon.

If you or someone you know suffers from the voodoo spell that Donald Trump has been selling, it’s time to see the truth and start learning about the other candidates soon.

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