Donald Trump is Solidifying a Democratic Victory in 2016

Donald Trump Democratic Victory

Let’s eliminate the possible third reason for Donald Trump’s candidacy. He’s not an idiot. He’s an extremely intelligent and skilled man who has seen much more success than failure in his life. As much as I would love to think that stupidity is the reason that he’s running, we all have to assume that it’s not really the case.

That leaves two options. The first option is that the exposure and connections that he’ll make by running for President will help solidify his power base once the election is over. In other words, this is a PR move for his various businesses as well as being a way to insert himself further into the power-brokering role that he has already mastered over the years. One might want to add “new life challenge” to this particular reasoning as a fringe benefit to this course of action. His personality is one that demands progress in his life and taking a shot at the Presidency is something that he can now check off from his bucket list. When you’ve accomplished what he’s done in his life, there aren’t many more mountains to climb.

The other option is ugly, nefarious, and something that I would never have even considered to be a possibility until I watched the debate. Then, the seed was planted. He was much more ferocious about the other GOP candidates than he was against the Democrats. Sure, he took shots at the left, but it wasn’t with nearly the same level of fervor that he pointed towards the GOP. When looking into whether or not anyone else had picked up on this, I found a story that showed US Congressman [mc_name name=’Rep. Carlos Curbelo (R-FL)’ chamber=’house’ mcid=’C001107′ ] from Florida had a similar notion even before the debate. Even a far-left Mother Jones writer found it humorously suspicious that Trump called Bill Clinton for advice.

Okay, so it’s farfetched to say the least. In fact, we can eliminate it as a possibility only because we’ll never be able to prove it. However, the reality is that Donald Trump is conveniently conservative on some issues but either ignorant, liberal, or both on most others. Repair_Man_Jack pointed out that Trump is the biggest issue for the party’s ability to win. At this point, it would seem to be the case.

Many still believe that he has a chance of winning the nomination and eventually winning the Presidency. The former is unlikely and the latter is practically impossible. If there were any doubts before the debate, his inability to handle the mild attacks from Megyn Kelly should demonstrate with crystal clarity that he has absolutely no chance of being able to withstand attacks from the left if he wins the nomination.

As I pointed out before, he’s the ultimate secret weapon for the left at this point. They would love to see him sustain his debacle of a candidacy for as long as possible in order to do maximum damage to the eventual nominee. If they can somehow manipulate GOP voters enough to get him the nomination, it would be their crowning achievement. The only scenario that would be even better is if he makes a third-party run. If that happens, it’s checkmate.

The longer that Donald Trump is allowed to steal the spotlight from real candidates, the closer he will get to making a Democratic victory a certainty in 2016. His supporters must wake up to the fact that he’s not doing this for the country nor the party. Donald Trump is running for the sake of Donald Trump.

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