Donald Trump: The Weapon of Choice for Liberals

Donald Trump Liberal

Supporters of Donald Trump for President find an appeal in his willingness to speak his mind as a DC-outsider. He speaks without fear and is charming in an obnoxious way. Many are even starting to believe that he has a chance to win the nomination.

He doesn’t. Trump, whether intentionally or not, is running interference for liberals. He has been artificially propped up beyond the status of sideshow to the point that he’s being considered a serious contender. Some believe he’s the frontrunner because that’s what the polls are saying. Unfortunately for the Republican party, it’s a matter of popular interest being fueled by a left-leaning media that wants to suspend disbelief for as long as possible. Before we get into what they’re doing and how everything is getting “Trumped up” by the left, let’s take a look at why this is happening.

  • The Center of Attention: This is the obvious reason. Serious candidates are getting asked more about Trump during interviews than about their own policies and intentions. He’s pulling in the majority of the headlines, making it impossible for other candidates to get traction with the base and to stand out from a crowded field.
  • Distract from Hillary’s Foibles: There’s plenty of attention being paid to her email fiasco, but it’s within the minutia being hidden that her real weaknesses can come to light. Unfortunately, those weaknesses are being covered up by bigger headlines and brighter spotlights on the Trump debacle.
  • The Powder Keg: There will be casualties due to Trump. There are better candidates who will be pushed aside for his sake, particularly more conservative candidates like [mc_name name=’Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’C001098′ ], [mc_name name=’Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’P000603′ ], and Ben Carson. This should be the election cycle where the Republican establishment candidate finally gets pushed aside for a true conservative. Instead, Trump may blow some of them up, leaving a weaker candidate to take the nomination.
  • Dissension in the Ranks: The infighting has already started. It was inevitable with so many candidates, but it has been accentuated by Trump’s presence. He’s helping the liberals by making Republicans choose within a different set of rules. It should be candidates versus candidates in a way becoming of representative government. Instead, it’s been turned into Trump versus the other guys.

With that understood, let’s look at what they’re doing to make this happen. As mentioned, they’re turning attention away from the candidates towards Trump. Instead of finding out what a candidate will do if they get the nomination, the focus has been on how they feel about Trump.

What we’re seeing today is a self-perpetuating propaganda machine. The media is talking about Trump and making him newsworthy so they can talk about Trump and make him newsworthy. They have pulled the wool over the eyes of many potential voters by making them think that he actually has a chance. Whether it’s through implosion or a collapse brought on by outside forces at the opportune time, Donald Trump will fall. The question is whether or not he falls quickly enough to stop the bleeding that he’s causing.

He is unlikely to win the nomination despite what polls are saying today. He is incapable of winning the Presidency because his appeal outside of immigration is minimal. Donald Trump is more liberal on most issues than Mitt Romney, [mc_name name=’Sen. John McCain (R-AZ)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’M000303′ ], or Bob Dole (the moderates that the establishment nominated in the recent past).

Some will read this and think that I’m wrong, that Trump has the chops to win the nomination and glide into the White House. That’s exactly what the Democrats and the liberal media want you to believe. They’re licking their chops at the opportunity to tear him down in a head-to-head with any Democratic candidate. That’s why we haven’t seen very much about his past. They’re keeping the skeletons in the closet for as long as possible in hopes that they can manipulate enough Republicans to actually nominate him.

Once nominated, the media will destroy him. They will bring up every misstep and failure that is publicly known. They are already uncovering juicy dirt that they’ll hold until it’s time to let it out. The powers that be and the liberal media will never allow Trump to be President.

I like Trump. I think he would make a better President than some of the other candidates and I would support him if somehow gets the nomination. However, I will do so out of a sense of duty rather than with any hopes that he can win.

The left will do whatever they can to keep the illusion alive in hopes that they can actually get him nominated. If they can, they will then unleash the type of hell that no Presidential candidate in recent decades has had to endure. If they can get him nominated, they will proceed from there to slaughter him. Donald Trump is their best hopes of a Democratic victory in 2016.

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