There Are Only Two Possibilities: Either the President was Incompetent or he Intentionally Misled America


There’s simply no way around it now. The Obama administration was aware early on that there were heavy weapons used and had no indication that the attacks in Benghazi were spontaneous protests gone awry.

According to accounts provided by intelligence officials listening to the testimony of former CIA Director David Petraeus, “the CIA concluded early on that Benghazi was a terrorist attack by definition, because any assault on a U.S. government installation with heavy weapons and substantial firepower could not be classified otherwise. The officials spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss intelligence matters.”

The Obama administration, stuck in the middle of what was thought to be a mighty challenge from Mitt Romney, stuck to the story that a YouTube video caused the protests which escalated to the point that the protesters were able to materialize heavy weapons. That it happened on September 11th was a coincidence – had the YouTube video been released a week earlier or a week later, then the date of the spontaneous protest by randomly heavily armed protesters would have been different.

With what we know now, it’s clear that the Obama administration is either completely incompetent to come to their initial conclusions, or they could not afford such a botched job of security on September 11th in Libya of all places to come to light while they were in the middle of trying to keep their jobs.

If they are stupid enough to have honestly come to the conclusion that the video was the likely cause of the 9/11 bloodshed, then they are absolutely incapable of understanding much harder equations such as the failing economy or the current Middle East strife. The use of heavy weapons on September 11th in Libya in a clearly calculated and highly organized attack against well-trained Navy SEALs – that’s like 5th grade math. You get the answer right without thinking about it. The other problems are advanced calculus by comparison. If this is the case, the president is less qualified to run the country than a 5th grader taking a test at MIT.

If they knew that news of a successful terrorist attack on September 11th would prevent their re-election and they decided to lie to America in hopes that enough sheep would listen, then they do not possess the integrity to remain in the highest office on the planet. It takes courage to admit mistakes, and thus far this administration has declared that the intelligence agencies were to blame for the false interpretation of the Benghazi events.

Either way, this administration is unfit.

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