Dear Newt: Convince Us You can Win Or Get Out of the Way

Rick and Newt

Since the debates prior to South Carolina, I’ve been supporting Newt Gingrich. Florida came as a huge blow and a wake up call that the Republican Establishment was simply unwilling to put someone with his history as their champion. They believe that the Dole/McCain moderate strategy is finally going to work. They’re wrong.

The challenge isn’t necessarily with Romney. He can be defeated. The challenge is, as every conservative in America is aware, with the splitting of the right wing vote between Rick Santorum and Gingrich. As much as I would love to see President Gingrich become a reality, it’s to the point that I would rather see Santorum in there instead of Romney and Gingrich may be getting in the way of allowing that to happen.

This is “do or die” time for the country and the Republican party. If Newt Gingrich can win, make the move now and get the support necessary. If it’s simply not possible, then the time has come to get out of the way.

Does Gingrich have a chance or is it time to “call it” and back Santorum?