I Weally Weally Mean It, Don't You Shoot That Big Rocket

I mean it this time.  I weally, weally mean it.  I told them all if you shoot that big rocket into the air I will tell Hillary.  Hillary won’t like that.  She told me if you do that and I tell her she will tell on you to the UN, whatever that is.

This UN must be a weally fun place.  Every time I say I am going there Nancy jumps and down and says take me, take me.  Harry the scarecrow is already mad at me he says I like Nancy more then him.  He he he he he don’t tell anyone but I do.  Nancy lets me bounce marbles off her forehead.  She can’t feel a thing so don’t worry.  Let that be our secret.

But if that mean ole Kim Jong Sick shoots his rocket in the air I am going to tell Hillary.  Those mean old men in those uniforms keep telling me I should grow up, but what they know if they were any good they would be me.

Kim now I told you so when I go and tell HIllary remember I warned you.  No one messes with the Hillary monster.  Nyeah, Nyeah, Nyeah, Nyeah