Its The "F***ing" Economy You Morons!!!!!!!!

I am astounded at watching these idiotic children who are referrect to as leaders of the Republican Party in their hissy fit fight.  First of all my five year old grand daughter fights tougher then Eric Cantor, Michael Steele, and Rush Limbaugh fight.

OK I know you three are not the brightest bulbs in the circuit but do try to wrap your minds around this.  None of you by yourself are the Republican Party.  I was a Republican fighting dims before you three could spell Republican.   Get over your egos.

This is the deal it is about the economy.  What is so hard for Michael Steele and Eric Cantor to grasp about this?  What did they give an IQ test and everyone that failed it went into the leadership of the GOP?   Hello, Earth to stupid Republicans.

On a day that the Dow Jones tanked these three morons are fighting each other.  You make me ashamed to be a Republican.  On January 27th I wrote a diary entry on this.  Even then I was saying that you have to bash the dims on the economy.

On January 4, 2007, history was made in the United State.  The first woman was sworn in as Speaker Of The House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi.  On this day in history or herstory as she likes to point out the following was true.

The Dow Jones Average was 12,398.01 (1/5/07)

Nasdaq was 2,504.65

Unemployment was 5%

The National Debt was 7% of GDP

On January 6, 2009 Nancy Pelosi was sworn in as Speaker of the House again and even more Democrats won election

The Dow Jones Average was 8,599

Nasdaq was 1,580

Unemployment was 7.2%

the debt was 11% of GDP

Want to win in 2010 them make Nancy Pelosi the poster child of failure.  Voting yes for Democrats is voting No for America.  Want a job?  Vote Republican.

If you are a Republican and you get in front of a camera repeat these numbers over and over.  Forget Bush, forget everything, crucify Nancy Pelosi.  She is the enemy.  The Democrats came back to power focusing on just one person.   That is what we do.  We focus on one person and that is Nancy Pelosi.  The Queen of Contraception, The Duchess of Economic Doom, The worse Speaker of the House in the history of this nation.  P

Hit her early and hit her often.  Make her the face of every bad in the nation.  Hit, fight, hammer her.

If they ask Eric Cantor or Michael Steel what day of the week is they say the dims are killing the economy.  If ask them to name their children they say the dims are killing the economy.

You, Michael Steele, if you apologize one more time for the Republican party will lead a petition drive to have you recalled as the Chairman in the next National Party meeting.  Also I hate hip hop.  While your hip hop fools were trying to figure out how to spell Washington, DC, I was actively electing 4 Presidents and overturning the Dims in congress that held on for over 40 years.  Show some respect and stop the dammed stupid apologies.

Eric Cantor you were elected to represent, your district, the Republican party and hopefully conservatism in that order.  The third part is optional but you were not elected to get into pissing contests with Rush Limbaugh.  Since Nancy Pelosi was sworn is as Speaker of the House the Dow Jones has gone down almost 5, 000 points.

If anyone asks you again about Rush Limbaugh just ignore and press ahead with the economy.  Stop the childish, immature, and stupid apologies and infighting.  Get this try to wrap your small minds around this.  Just because you are tempted, and bait is tossed in front of you then you do not have to snap at it.

Take a page from Sarah Palin in her debate with Joe Biden.  Answer any question no matter what is asked with the economy.  That is how Howard Dean killed Bush everything was about the Iraq war.  The economy was dead?  Why?  The Iraq War.   His toilet was backed up at his home it was because of the Iraq WAr.